Heatherdale Cricket Club is proud of its contribution to many charitable organisations that live the values of our Club.

The McGrath Foundation: Heatherdale Cricket Club has been supporting The McGrath Foundation for 10 years now, raising close to $30,000. With many Pink Stumps fixtures across the entire Club and in more recent times our 1st XI Men & Women teams have taken the field together to raise money for the Foundation. On the 20th March, the Club was honoured to have Glenn McGrath himself at our Club to say thank you for all we’ve done for the organisation.

Ovarian Cancer Australia: Heatherdale Cricket Club since 2018 have been supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia in conjunction with our major sponsor Jellis Craig. Each season, our good friends and rivals at Vermont Cricket Club and Heatherdale Cricket Club battle for the Jellis Craig Cup, all to raise much needed funds for the OCA.

ThisGirlCanVIC: Heatherdale Cricket Club is a staunch advocate for the #ThisGirlCanVIC initiative. Linked closely with our Club values and about promoting the wellbeing and health of females in our community, each year we seek promote, celebrate and support women in our community to embrace physical activity in a way that suits them. Cricket is a great way to stay active and add some movement to one’s day all while making new friends and banding together.