Heatherdale Cricket Club uses multiple facilities for game play as well as training. The main facility being "Heatherdale Reserve" which has our home rooms as well as two main playing grounds that are utilised up to 7 days a week from 8am-7pm. 

Heatherdale also utilises the Heatherdale Ponding Basin which is located on the other side of Purchase street and is utilised by our Junior cricketers for matches as well as training. 

Simpsons Park in Mitcham always has matches played at by both our Senior and Junior cricketers for match play only.

The Heatherdale pavilion is a long standing pavilion that has home and away change rooms as well as a canteen and viewing room. 


Over the last few years the Club has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to redevelop our pavilion.  Whilst it's been home to many and served us so well, the time has come to revamp the rooms to meet the needs of the times we live in today.  

In some really exciting news, on Mon 28th June 2021, the 2021-22 Budget for the City of Whitehorse, was passed, which included our re-development of the pavilion and changerooms.  Particular thanks to Kevin Oakey - Chair of the Heatherdale Pavilion Redevelopment Project, Councillor Prue Cutts who has been such a strong advocate for our community, Michael Sukkar Federal Member for Deakin, Dustin Halse State Member for Ringwood, Matthew Scafidi from Jellis Craig Whitehorse and our partners at Heathmont Jets Junior Football Club.

The pavilion plans are looking to commence work in late 2021, with a hopeful view to open in late 2022.  

A rough design and video can be viewed below.