Heatherdale Cricket Club Policies

All policies herewith have been approved by the Executive Committee of Heatherdale Cricket Club and updated as at 01-Sept-2021.  To view any of these policies, please click on the links below.  

All members, players, parents and supporters are bound by these policies of Heatherdale Cricket Club.  

More information pertaining to Covid-19 and our response and action plan can be seen here

Heatherdale Cricket Club is a Good Sports Club and our agreed policy dated and signed by the Board on 1st Mar 2021 can be found here 

For Child Safety information, please visit the link on Child Safety here.  You can also view a video of our Child Safety Officer on YouTube here



HCC Member Protection Policy

Victorian Government Fair Play Code

HCC Spectator Code of Behaviour

HCC Coach Code of Behaviour

HCC Parent & Guardian Code of Behaviour

HCC Alcohol & Safe Transport Policy

HCC Illicit Drugs Policy

HCC Senior Player Code of Behaviour

HCC Junior Player Code of Behaviour

HCC Extreme Weather Policy


HCC Online Communication & 

Social Media Policy

HCC Senior Women Selection Policy (due 10-Nov-21)

HCC Senior Men Selection Policy (due 10-Nov-21)

HCC Risk Management Policy


HCC Privacy Policy

Cricket Australia Promoting Gender Diverse People in Cricket

Cricket Australia A Sport for All Code of Conduct