At Heatherdale Cricket Club (HCC), we recognise that cricket is a sport for all and for all Australians, that helps unite people from all walks of life to enjoy not only the game, but the company of others.
We at HCC are steadfast in ensuring that cricket is a game for ALL and our inclusion and equity initiatives make certain of this.
No matter who you are, HCC welcomes its arms to all people. We are an organisation that welcomes people from all backgrounds, inviting people to play, to watch, to follow or to be involved in all aspects of the game and our wider community.

At HCC, we are proud to have increased our commitment to growing female participation and making opportunities more accessible for girls and women across all levels of the game and in organisational settings.

At HCC, we are committed to creating and providing a safe environment for LGBTIQA+ community in all areas and levels of our game. Every person has a fundamental right to participate in sport. We endorse and follow Cricket Australia’s guidelines for the inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse people. To view the guideline that HCC supports and follows please visit this link At HCC, we are committed to creating and providing a safe environment for people with a disability in all areas and levels of the game. We encourage all people, all abilities, to watch and play cricket and connect within our community. The Club whilst relatively new in this space, recognises the high importance of full inclusion and will be working at a high level with all abilities organisations to develop strategies and outcomes that results in a sense of belonging for all people.

To view our full signed policies, most recently ratified and approved by the Club Board on Wednesday 4th August 2021, please click here